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  • How To Solve The Problem of The Car Remote Key Not Working?
    How to solve the problem of the car remote key not working?Reasons why the vehicle remote control key does not respond when pressed:1. The battery is out of power or the battery contact is poor. Solution: Replace the car key remote control battery.2. The time control module in the car's remote contr
  • How much do you know about car smart keys?
    Here are a few things you must know about car smart keys!With the advancement of technology, car functional design is becoming more and more advanced. As a part of the car, the functions of the car key are also becoming more and more advanced. The car key has evolved from the previous mechanical key
  • How to read the car's fault code?
    How to read the car's fault code?1. When the vehicle fault light comes on, the first reaction is to connect the device to read the fault code. Through the interpretation of fault codes, most of the time we can correctly identify the possible cause and location of the fault, but errors in judgment ca
  • How to use the car diagnostic tool and Operation steps of the car diagnostic tool
    How to use the car diagnostic tool and Operation steps of the car diagnostic toolDifferent types of automotive fault diagnostic tools have slightly different methods of use. Here are some basic operations:1. First determine the car model to be diagnosed, and then select the corresponding car fault d
  • What Are The Main Functions of The Autel Automobile Fault Diagnostic Instrument?
    What are the main functions of the Autel Automobile Fault Diagnostic Instrument?The automobile fault diagnostic instrument is a very important tool in automobile maintenance. It can effectively eliminate the causes of automobile faults. The main functions include: reading fault codes, clearing fault
  • Top 10 Most Expensive Cars, Most Luxurious Brand Sports Cars
    Top 10 Most Expensive Cars, Most Luxurious Brand Sports CarsThe top ten most expensive sports cars include many world-renowned brands, such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, etc. Not only are these sports cars expensive, but they also offer great performance and luxurious inte
  • Correct Methods, Steps, And Precautions for Repairing Your Car
    Correct methods, steps, and precautions for repairing your carCar maintenance is a technical job that requires following certain steps and precautions. Here are some proper car repair methods:Preparation: Before starting repairs, make sure the vehicle is safely parked in a flat, clean, and unobstruc
  • What’s The Difference between Autel MaxiCOM MK908 II VS MaxiSys MS908S Pro II?
    Comparison ChartShop NowShop NowModelMK908 IIMS908S PRO IICPU:Qualcomm 660Qualcomm 660RAM & ROM:4G & 128G4G & 128GAndroid Version:Android 10.0Android 10.0Screen Size:10.1 inch9.7 inchScreen resolution:1920 x 12002048 x 1536VCI:Bluetooth BoxMaxiFlash EliteECU Programming(BMW/Benz)/√ECU Online Coding√
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