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Top Quality Pogo Pin Adapter Kit for SOIC8 MSOP8 TSSOP8 Eeprom Chips

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Price: $ 41.99 / pc

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Top Quality Pogo Pin Adapter Kit for SOIC8 MSOP8 TSSOP8 Eeprom Chips


Pogo pin clip adapter kit for SOIC8 MSOP8 TSSOP8 eeprom chips by WEIXY Electronics

Most of the modern instrument clusters and airbag control modules store data on the EEPROMS in different sizes. The pogo pin adapter spring loaded touch holders were designed for In-circuit programming of EEPROMS. Just position, press, and hold the spear points over the EEPROM pins or PCB J-Tag port points and program memory.

Compatible with Dashcoder(DC4), DiagProg4(DP4), DSP3, USA Prog, Carprog, Digiprog (DP4), Enigma, VVDI, Orange5, GQ-4X, TL866, RT809, Sofi-SP8, CH341, TNM5000, UPA, iProg and more!?Printers, Cartridge, ECU Remap, Air Bag reset Speedometer, PC Bios, Smartphone, Wi-Fi router, LCD,TV, DVD, Blue ray and much more.

!! Undetectable Visual inspection connection / No soldering mess / No more reading error.!!


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