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Original Autel MaxiSys ADAS MS906 PRO MS908 MS909 MS919 Ultra for Application Upgrade Subscription Service

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Autel MaxiSys ADAS is a One Year Update Service(Subscription Only).When you subscribe to an Autel TCP,you'll get to take advantage of new features and functions as they roll out from Autel,including expanded coverage for the latest vehicle makes and models.
Price: $ 874.08

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Original  Autel MaxiSys ADAS MS906 PRO MS908 MS909 MS919 Ultra for Application Upgrade Subscription Service

Autel ADAS Software Upgrade Card for MS908, MSElite, MS909, MS919 and Ultra Tablets

ADAS calibration upgrade card adds ADAS calibration application to MS908 series tablets and MSElite and it also supports MA600- 906BT and above, IA800/Maxisys models. It adds ADAS calibration functionality and includes calibration software for the ADAS system devices of adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, rear collision avoidance and night vision systems.

Features & Benefits:

1. Includes Calibration for major ADAS systems
2. Includes Calibrations for LDW, ACC, BSM, NVS, AVM systems devices
3. Includes detailed Calibration Instructions,precise illustrations and How-to videos
4. suit for Autel Tablets Supports for ADAS Function: MS906TS, MS906BT, MS906 PRO, MS906 PRO-TS, MS908, MS908 PRO, MS908S, MS908S PRO, Elite, MS909, MS919 and Ultra.

Notes: To Activate the ADAS Software, The MaxiSYS Tablet Must Have a Current Update Subscription

Autel ADAS-1

2 Types of ADAS Calibration:

1. Dynamic Calibration - this must be used with the target board. After opening the software, dynamic calibration can be used directly;
2. Static Calibration - this needs supporting facilities (generally required for European models and Japanese and Korean models)

How to Activate the ADAS Calibration:

1) After your purchase, we will email an activation code.
2) When activating the ADAS software on a tablet you will need to select which ADAS frame to use it with: "Portable" or "Complete". After the selection is made you cannot change it nor transfer it to another tablet, nor receive a refund.
3) A MaxiSys tablet with ADAS can perform dynamic calibrations that do not require any ADAS hardware! Hardware for static calibrations is sold separately.
4) NOTE: Adding the ADAS software to your tablet is a one-time fee. After activating the ADAS Application your tablet will begin to receive updates for ADAS as long as your regular update subscription is current.

Autel ADAS-2

Package Includes:

1pc x Autel ADAS Software Upgrade Card

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