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NexzSYS NS806 Diesel Vehicle Diagnostic System

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Price: $ 2227.5 / pc

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  • Humzor NexzSYS 806

  • AT160173

NexzSYS NS806 Diesel Vehicle Diagnostic System Commercial Vehicle Comprehensive Diagnostic System Windows System Version


Power Type: Diesel, Natural gas and New energy.

Wide Coverage:Support 191 car brands

Full System:Support all electronic control systems of the model

Multi Function:Support 18+ special functions

1. Product Description

HUMZOR NS806 provides OE-Level Full System Full Function comprehensive diagnosis platform, supports 18 kinds of special functions, of which 7 types are being developed and added. Greatly covers ECU SCR & ECU Resetting & ECU Tuning and Bi-directional Active Test. Remote Technical Support + Diagnostic Report Share & Print + Multi-languages Support. USB + Wi-Fi Two models Diagnose. Phone &Tablet & Laptop Support +Lifetime Free Update.


Why Choose HUMZOR NS806 Full System Diagnostic Scanner?

1. Affordable and Powerful

Freely choose Laptop, Tablet, iOS or Android smartphones to achieve intelligent and efficient operation, making diagnosis easier. (Windows & Android & iOS)

2. Lifetime Free Update

3. Wide Vehicle Coverage

Covering diesel vehicles, natural gas vehicles, and new energy vehicles. Supports American/European/Chinese III, IV, V, VI stadards.

4、Full Systems Diagnosis

Full-system quick scan for passenger cars, deep diagnosis on all the electronic systems of the car with detailed report, Engine, Transmission, ABS, SAS, SRS, TPMS, etc.

5.100+ special functions and 18 Reset & Relearn service

Odometer Adjust, VIN Modification, Idle Speed Adjust, ECU Reset, DPF, PRV Valve Test, Broken Cylinder Test, Clear Specific code, ECU Setting, SCR,  Injector Coding... all included to meet your extra demands.

6. Bi-directional & Active Test

7. Support more than 195+ car brands, more than 100,000+ models

8. USB and Wi-Fi automatic connection USB和Wi-Fi

9. User-friendly Experience

Fully provide you with intelligent and easy operation. Quick access to VIN Query, DTC Query, Data Manage, Data playback, Remote Assistance, Feedback icon, Screenshot, etc.

10. Multi-language Supported

Switch the language you need within the App freely, English, Italian, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, Greek,Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Vietnamese, Chinese and Traditional Chinese, more are under adding.

11. Free Download & UpdateFree download and update for wide vehicle models in the App Store of the software.

Auxiliary Functions:

One-Key Screenshot, Record Video, Feedback, and Update

One-Key Remote Assistance(Phone software is not supported)

One-Key VIN Query, DTC Query(WINDOWS  is not supported)

One-Key Data Manage

One-Key Data Playback

Four-Mode Diagnosis

Supports Windows, Harmony, Android and IOS in Vehicles go well.

(Windows & Android & iOS & Harmony OS)

NS806 supportsWindows OS, Android OS, Harmony OS.

Available for 20 user terminals at the same time.

Phone and tablet version products support professional car modification functions, and currently achieve the comparison function of 4 data streams on the same screen; Meanhile, it supports professional dashboard display function.

Windows version products are not currently supported.

Advanced Functions:

1、Support VIN Modification function, It is convenient for users to modify the vehicle VIN number when replacing the vehicle ECU.

2、Realize data comparison after car modification or replacement of auto parts. Currently, up to 4 data stream comparisons are supported, and 8 data comparisons will be supported later.

3、Full system, full function diagnosis, most models support OE-LEVEL programming, and some models include more than 100 special functions. Refine 18 kinds of reset and relearn service.

4、The software supports both one-click and single-select upgrade methods, and lifetime free upgrade for model functions.

The 5th Generation Smart VCI Technology and Interface Definition:

The Wi-Fi signal is strong, and the direct distance exceeds 60 meters.

Intelligent signal lights can accurately detect circuit failures.

Support 0-32V direct current, can detect all commercial and passenger vehicles.

The hardware has an automatic repair function, which can be used normally in harsh environments.

Surrounding gold plating process can better resist electronic interference.

The front adopts a whole layer of acrylic, which is chic, beautiful and scratch-resistant.

Support USB and wireless Wi-Fi/Bluetooth communications.

Support dual power-on mode, which can be powered on through the DC power port and USB port.



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