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Newest Autel Mk808bt OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tools Code Readers & Scan Tools All System Diagnosis,36+ Services

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MK808BT is Equipped with multi-functions of wireless BT technology that Bi-Directional Control(Active Test) 28+ maintenance services all systems diagnostic Auto Scan & Auto VIN 10,000+ vehicle with Autel BT506 battery tester/ MV108 1-year free update multilingual etc.
Price: $ 428.17

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  • MK808BT

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Newest Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool Automotivo Car Diagnostic Scan Tools TPMS Sensor Programing

2023 Autel Most Worth Buying Wireless Diagnostic Tool

MK808BT is the most powerful wireless diagnostic tool for it's price! Equipped with multi-functions of wireless BT technologyBi-Directional Control(Active Test)28+ maintenance servicesall systems diagnosticAuto Scan & Auto VIN 10,000+ vehicle coverageCloud-based report managementCompatible with Autel BT506 battery tester/ MV108 1-year free updatemultilingual etc. Designed for workshops & DIYers.


2023 Added Functional Benefits - Making MK808BT Ever Been So Powerful In It's value Range.

1. Bi-Directional Control(Active Test):

What would you do if the wipers stopped working? Just replace one or spend a lot money to fix it? Don't be in a hurry to dismantle your cars! Bidirectional control tool MK808BT can perform real active test that can send commands to the vehicle's ECU to drive the actuators to work, like ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp, etc, helping you quickly find out bad parts and pinpoint faulty issues.

Note: Functions NOT universal, please send VIN(17 digits),car makes, model, year to check compatibility before purchase.

2. Battery Test Capability (BT506 required):

Upgraded from MK808, MX808, Autel MK808BT is exclusively equipped with battery test ability, namely, MK808BT can work with Autel BT506 battery tester to perform professional cranking/ charging system test and In-Vehicle & Out-of Vehicle Battery Test, and with over 95% accuracy result with advanced adaptive condutive technology, which is far more accurate than the 50% of market avreage accuracy.
Autel automotive battery test tool BT506 can test all 6V and 12V 100-2000CCA batteries including the most regular Flooded, AGM, AGM Spiral, EFB and GEL batteries, and compatible with CCA, CA, SAE, EN, IEC, DIN, JIS and MCA standards.
Warm Tips: Battery test service is at the first place of Top 10 of vehicle after-market. So, Battery test can help you win more buiness.

3. Compatible with Autel MV108/MV105 Inspection Camera (not included):

This is a very pratical and useful functions, which allows you to have a futher wear situation check on your car engine/transmission,etc internal structure, to avoid further damage or avoid potential dangerous driving.


This is a long-awaited feature for old customers!! With it, you can upload diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and share reports with your customers through QR Code/email/text message easily, and they can view the reports anytime. Like other cloud space, it is a back garden for your diagnostic reports to help you enhance data centralization, share simply and quickly, reduce memory burden and improve work efficiency.

5. Supports FCA "Auto Auth" gateway for 2018 and newer FCA cars(Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep,etc) for US/Canada & Mexico.

NOTE: All these new functions are released on Autel system V2.62 and above, which are available to download for all MK808BT since 1st, June, 2022.


Why do you need MK808BT? -2023 Autel Most Worth Buying Wireless Diagnostic Tool

Do you want to know what happened to your cars? Need to do some car maintenances but the cost is so expensive? Bi-Directional Control (Active Test)? Turn off annoying warning lights? ABS brake bleed? Injector coding ? Oil reset? Erase lost key information? Wireless connection? OBD2 all-systems diagnostic scan tool MK808BT has all of those things. If you have several cars, you can almost imagine how much this little thing can save you, after all, the active test & maintenance cost of a car is very expensive. With MK808BT, you can easily master your car condition, no wasting money and time anymore!

If you are DIYer enthusiasts, home mechanics or small or small-to-medium scaled workshop workers/ owners, the MK808BT is made for you. Stable and user-friendly design, 7-inch responsive touchscreen, 1GB RAM, enhanced built-in 64GB ROM, easy operation and 5000mAh battery, 7 hours continuously working time. No need to scratch your head, just few clicks to scan all available systems and, like doctor, diagnose where the problem is.

OBD2 All Systems diagnostic scan tool MK808BT can access all available vehicle modules including but not limited to PCM, ECM, TCM, CTM, EPS, PDM, BCM, TPM, SCCM, RADIO and etc, covering more than 80 American, Asian and European vehicle makes. Supports complete OBD2 function, which is capable of performing all 10 modes of OBD2 tests. Autel MK808BT with Bluetooth VCI can perform wireless diagnosis, including reading and clearing codes on all vehicle systems and subsystems, showing full live data stream of multiple sensors in graph & text, ECU information, perform active test(bi-directional control), etc.



Upgraded version of Autel MK808/MX808  WIRELESS & USB CONNECTION

Autel MK808BT professional scan tool is an upgraded version of Autel MK808/MX808. It comes with both wireless VCI connection and lined connection via the USB cable included. MK808BT enables you to access and diagnose various vehicles wirelssly with a working range up to 33ft (10m), no more short cables.


2023 Newest Function for MK8088T

1/ Bi-Directional Control(Active Test)
2/ Battery Test Capability (BT506 required):
3/ Compatible with Autel MV108Inspection Camera (not included):
5/ Supports FCA "Auto Auth" gateway for 2018 and newer FCA cars(Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep,etc) for US/Canada & Mexico.


Useful Hot Functions:

The 2023 Updated Bluetooth Version of MK808.
MK808BT Featuring the powerful Cortex-A9 processor, and a 7.0 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen, based on the Android multitasking operating system, and combined with the ability to quickly read and clear DTCs for all available modules of the majority of the makes and models on the market.
The MK808BT is your ideal auto diagnostic and service tool:
1. It provides you with 25 superior special functions, including Auto Brake bleed, Oil Reset, EPB Reset(electric parking brake pad reset after replacement), Battery Registration, DPF(Diesel Particle Filter) Regeneration, Injector Coding, etc.

2.It supports FULL SYSTEMS DIAGNOSIS: Autel MK808BT automotive diagnostic tablet can access and scan all available systems on 80+ US, European, Asian makes and models to read and clear codes, view live data and ECU information. It works on vehicles up to 2018, 2019 and some up to 2020.

3.It supports AUTO VIN + AUTO SCAN: Autel MK808BT automotive diagnostic scanner features latest VIN-based Auto VIN technology that can identify vehicle make, model and year information to shorten vehicle navigation process.


Support Multic Languages

1. Support Multic Languages: English, German, Spanish,Japanese,Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian.Korean, Russian ,Polish,Swedish,Persian,Turkish,Thai,Vietnamese,Hebrew,Arabic,Indonesian
2. Choose the language you need on the page.
3. Please leave the S/N of machine to authorize the language you want after you receive it.


Most Commonly Used 28 Service and Hot Functions Service:

MK808BT automotive diagnostic tool can perform 28 maintenance services including Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Reset, DPF Regeneration, Battery Registration, Throttle Reset, ABS Bleed, Injector Coding, IMMO keys(add new keys, delete lost keys), Window Door Roof, Headlamp and etc.

Oil Reset: Turn off the oil light, and reset the service mileage.
EPB Reset: Reset the brake pads after replacement.
SAS Reset: Reset the position of the steering for safe driving.
DPF Regeneration: Clear the blockage in the DPF filter, to meet emission standards.
Throttle Reset: Reset the throttle.
ABS Bleed: Cycling the ABS system to bleed the air out of the ABS system before traditional bleeding.
Injector Coding: Coding the new injector after replacement.
IMMO Keys: Add new keys, key learning, disable lost keys. (For Asian cars with low-grade IMMO system only)




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