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Autel Premium Style IKEYGM005AL 5 Buttons Smart Fob Universal Key Programmer Working with MaxiIM KM100

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The Autel IKEY is a Standard Sype universal programmable IKEYGM005AL smart key that can be programmed to replace smart keys for more than 700 vehicles supports two to seven buttons.
Price: $ 21.6 / pc
min order: 10 pc

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  • GM005Al

  • Autel

  • AT06

Autel Maxilm Standard Style Ikeygm005al GM Universal Smart Car Key Programmer 5 Buttons for GM-Cadillac

Manufacturer Autel
Color Black
Buttons 5
Panic Yes
Condition New
IKEY Series Premium
Remote Blade Included
Proximity / Smart / Keyless Go Yes
Program with MaxiIM KM100 Universal Key Generator Kit

The Autel IKEY is a universal programmable smart key that can be programmed to replace smart keys for more than 700 vehicles including those made by Hyundai, Nissan, Chrysler, Honda, General Motors, and select vehicles made by BMW, Audi/VW, and Vol-vo.

The IKEY is OE-quality, multi-frequency (315M/415M and 868M/915M) programmable smart key that supports two to seven button configurations. Use the KM100 tablet to program the IKEY for supported vehicles in as little as a minute.

IKEY Features:

Programmable Smart Key Replacement For More Than 700 Vehicles
Compatible With Systems Using 315MHz/415MHz and 868MHz/915MHz Frequencies
Supports Ultra-Long Range (40 meters/130 feet) Frequency Transmission
Superior, OE-quality Smart Key That Meets Or Exceeds Industry and Regulatory Standards
Multiple Style and Series Options Available Soon
Sold Individually, Batteries Not Included (CR2032)






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