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Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO Intelligent Diagnostic Tool 22023 New

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The Autel MaxiSys Elite II Pro is the 2023 latest OBD2 Bi-Directional Diagnostic Scanner of the Autel Maxisys product line. As an upgraded version of Maxisys Elite, MaxiSys Elite II Pro featured the best possible coverage of OE-level all system diagnostics & analysis, advanced ECU programming, bi-directional, and test components to confirm repairs.
Price: $ 2160.37

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  • MaxiSys Elite II PRO

  • Autel

  • AT186

2023 First Intelligent Scan Tool, Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO with 2 Years Software Update, NO IP Retrictions, 21+ Languages

he MaxiSys Elite 2 Pro is a 9.7-inch touchscreen advanced diagnostic tablet powered by an Octa-core processor with 128GB of storage memory running on Android 10 operating system. Includes Bluetooth-enabled MaxiFlash VCI/J2534 pass thru programming device. The MaxiSys Elite II Pro rapidly performs every job from comprehensive vehicle diagnostics & analysis to advanced ECU programming.

The Difference of Elite II Pro and Elite II

Elite II Pro Hardware Elite II Hardware
Android Version Android 10 Android 7
Processor 4x 2.2 GHz(A73) + 4x 1.8 GHz(A53) 2.3GHz Quad-core Mongoose + 1.7GHz Quad-core A53
BT BT V5.0 + BR/EDR BT v.2.1 + EDR
VCI MaxiFlash VCI Maxiflash Elite
CAN FD/DoIP no need converter need converter

Key Reason to Buy Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO

1.Intelligent diagnostics Same as MS909: Specifically designed to guide the diagnostic process. Intelligent Diagnosis offers various maintenance solutions, including, TSB, DTC analysis, repair assistance, repair tips, related case support, etc.

2.Advanced ECU Programming/ Coding: Reprogram a new ECU for Benz/ BMW, Code for BMW F chassis, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Toyota, Hyundai, Land Rover, PSA, Renault, Porsche Ford offline programming.

3.Bi-directional Control: Also called Action Test, Transmit control commands to operate the vehicle systems to do functional test.

4.38+ Maintenance: Solve car maintenance and annual check concerns

5.Battery Test(Work with BT506): With bt506, you can perform full battery detect: battery register, battery reset, In/out vehicle test, etc.

6.IMM-O K-ey (Ke-y Fob Coding): Disable l-ost k-eys, prevent vehicle be stolen, online anti-theft etc.

FCA Auto Auth to connect FCA server and get authorized to diagnose your vehicles: for Chrysler, JEEP, Dodge, Fiat etc.(FCA after 2018).

7.Support 10000+ Vehicles: Among Europe, Asia, USA, to 2021/2022 new cars; Pre-scan and Post Scan Report, WIFI Printer

8.CAN FD/DoIP supported

MaxiSys Elite

Autel Elite 2 PRO ---Intelligent Diagnostics & Bi-Directional Control

Intelligent Diagnose, Smart Your Life---Autel Elite 2 PRO give you differenet experience.

Please first tap”Update” icon to update version to V2.42 or above and unlock intelligent diagnostics.

Autel Elite II PRO tools are designed to maximize technicians' utilization of intelligent diagnostics to improve repair skills. One-stop intelligent diagnosis, providing comprehensive solutions and step-by-step guidance based on DTC analysis, technical service bulletins (TSB),repair assist, repair tips, and related repair cases, realizing 300% smooth than before.

DTC Analysis: Provides repair assistance information related to the fault code.

TSB: Contains DTC-related recalls, TSB, and OEM campaigns.

Repair Assist: Intelligently prioritizes DTCs and leads the user to the proper repair.

Repair Tips: details the steps for determining and clearing faults.

Relevant Cases: offers relevant fault-clearing repair cases for reference.

Full Systems including but not limited to Engine, SRS, ABS, Transmission, TPMS, Air Condition System, Battery System, Classic System, Steering System, Suspension System, IMMO System, Door Lock System, Body System,etc.

Bi-directional Control for professional functional test!!!

With Bi-directional control, Autel Elite II PRO can transmit control commands to operate test some vehicle systems. When you want to determine how well the ECU responds to a command, Autel MaxiSys Elite 2 scan tool is your best choice.

MaxiSys Elite II

Oneline ECU Programming & ECU Coding

Major Breakthrough:

Autel Elite II PRO supports BMW F and E chassis hiding function reveal, Code for BMW F chassis, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Toyota, Hyundai, Land Rover, PSA, Renault, Porsche Ford offline programming, online anti-theft for VW, Audi, etc.

ECU Programming:

Autel Elite II PRO can pass through the blocks to access the ECU package and adjust the ECU module as you like: Program rewriting, ECU upgrade and downgrade, ECU module matching & replacement, Program blank ECUs, Reprogram second-hand ECUs.

Features: 1.Fixing Software-controlled 2.Improve Fuel Efficiency 3.Reduce Power Loss 4.Enhance Durability

ECU Coding:

Change replaced model and code into vehicle ECU modules via mod-ify custom para-meter value.

Refresh Hidden Functions

Customize OE-setting

Match Components Control Modules

Enhance Vehicle Performance

Here are some samples of ECU Coding on vehicle Daily modification:

Deactivating the Start/Stop function; Beeping when unlocking and locking; Mirrors automatically folding and unfolding; Closing the windows after locking the car door with the key. Lighting coding; Flashing the brake lights during emergency braking; Activating/ deactivating daytime running lights; Changing the brightness of daytime running lights; Flashing of the headlights when locking or unlocking the doors via the remote control; Dashboard coding; Displaying of the real speed via GPS signal; Displaying the amount of fuel consumption at a given speed

Note: Autel Elite 2 scan tool has ECU programming is ONLY available for Benz/ BMW.

Elite II PRO

38+ Hot Reset Functions, Work Your Repair Faster

This Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO has been selected as the top ideal diagnostics scanner for technicians and garages for 2 reasons: Enough Diagnostic Functions & Wide Vehicle Compatibility. 36+ commonly reset functions are integrated into one Autel scanner MK908P which can perform one-stop maintenance on all cars in your workshops.

8 Commonly Used Repair Functions:

Oil Reset: Reset the oil life system and turn off the oil light to start a new cycle.

TPMS Reset: Reset tire pressure and turn off the TPMS light after replacement.

EPB Reset: Maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively by deactivating and activating the brake control system, setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, etc.

BMS Reset: Re-match the battery control module and motoring sensor.

ABS Bleeding: Bleed the air of a brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity.

IMMO: Disable/delete/match keys. *ONLY for vehicles with low-grade anti-theft systems.

Throttle Matching: Cycle the motorized throttle body through various states (idle, part throttle, WOT) to relearn their positions.

Injector Coding: Code the injector after replacing or adjusting to correct the injection volume of each cylinder more accurately.

Aftertreatment/ WIN DR ROOF/ Seats/ Lang Change/ Headlamp/ CHG Tire Size/ TEC Learning/ ABS SRS/ Cylinder/ VTG Learn/ Speed & PTO/ Clutch Reset/ Trans Adaption/ Airbag Reset/ A/F Setting/ and More.

Note:Functions vary by the model.

Autel MaxiSys

Bi-directional Control Accurately Pinpoints Problems

Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO diagnostic scanner features bi-directional control that can actuate solenoids and actuators, and send commands to systems/sub-systems/components to test their working status, without using the vehicle controls and tearing the vehicle into parts. With comparative check and operation, the MK908P Autel scanner can give you the feedback to help locates the problems within 5 minutes.

When properly utilized, bidirectional control (active test) can significantly reduce your diagnostic time and save your labor. Here are some repair cases for reference:

Case 1: A DTC P0443 (Evap Purge Solenoid Circuit) is found on the Dodge. The MK908P scan tool is capable of commanding the purge valve on and off. And then the f-uel trim levels increased, indicating the solenoid opened. Based on the results, the purge solenoid should be replaced.

Case 2: The f-uel pump is not working and no f-uel pressure was measured. Using the Autel MaxiCOM MK908P to command the f-uel pump on. If the f-uel pressure gauge is normal, indicating the circuit and pump are functioning properly.

More: Widely apply to EGR Test / Injector Buzz Test / Solenoid Valve / Tank Ventilation / Modulate Throttle / Wipers / Window / Mirrors / Door / Sunroof / Headlamp / Acceleration Device Test / Radiator Fan / Cycle the A/C Clutch on and off / etc.

4. IMMO Keys/ Key Fob Programming

Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO car diagnostic tool has IMMO Keys function(Key Fob Programming). It can clear information of lost keys, key relearn and perform key fob/remote programming to add new keys for a family and perform key button tests to test key functions, so as to prevent your cars from being stolen.

Note: This IMMO Keys function is mainly for vehicles that comes with low-grade anti-theft systems, not intended for AUDI, Benz, BMW, VW and any other vehicles that has more advanced IMMO systems that involves disassembling of IMMO modules. To check compatibility, please refer to Q/A or message system.

Autel MaxiSys Elite

OE Full System Diagnostic

Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO car diagnostic tool can perform OE-Level diagnosis on all car electronic systems like ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Brake System and etc that you can find only on most sophisticated scan tools.With complete capabilities for codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching and etc.

IMMO Service

The IMMO Service empowers you to program the replaced key fob once the original one was lost or non-functional. The MK908P II acquire the vehicle VIN and anti-thief module info automatically, once the info has gathered, you can erase or program all key fobs as you need.

AutoVIN & Scan VIN

Once the Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO diagnostic scanner connects to the tested vehicle, it can automatically read the VIN information (year, make, model, etc.) to quickly identify the vehicle and saves some time for diagnostics. For those vehicles that are not compatible with the Auto VIN Scan function, manual input is also available.

Charging Pile

Same as Autel MaxiSys Ultra, Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO not only increases battery capacity to 15400 mAh, but also own an independent charging pile for continuous charging. With this charging pile, Elite 2 can stand up all day to diagnose vehicles and check repair results.

FCA Auto Auth

Autel Elite II PRO adds FCA Auto Auth to connect FCA server and get authorized to diagnose your vehicles: for Chrysler, JEEP, Dodge, Fiat etc.(FCA after 2018). Please first tap”Update” icon to update version to V2.42.

Specific Update Steps get FCA Auto Auth: Account-Activation-Access!

1.Authorized OEM Access Account Registration;

2.Confirm Compatible Diagnostic Platform;

3.Immediate Authorized Secure Gateway Access. Note: FCA auto auth only available for US, Canada,Mexico.

Autel MaxiSys Elite II

10000+ Vehicle Coverage

America: Compatible with: Buick; Cadillac; Chevrolet; Chrysler; Dodge; Ford; GM; Hummer; Jeep; Lincoln;

Europe: Compatible with: Audi; Bentley; Benz; BMW; Citroen; Fiat; Jaguar; Land Rover; Maserati; Opel; Peugeot; Porsche; Renault; Saab; Seat; Skoda; Volvo; VW;

Asia: Compatible with: (JAPAN) Acura; Honda; Infiniti; Isuzu; Lexus; Mazda; Mitsubishi; Nissan; Subaru; Suzuki; Toyota; (KOREA) Hyundai; KIA.

17+ Languages

1. Unlike the scan tools supporting only English, Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO covers 13+ languages for better term understanding: English, German, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, and Swedish. (If you want to change the language, you can just message our online post-sale team).

7/24 Online Response

7/24 post-sale team provides online response and tech instruction. Any problems (functional operation, vehicle compatibility, updating, etc.), you can message us first.

2-Year No-Charge Updating

During the no-charge updates period, you can upgrade vehicle software to the newer version to embrace new functions and vehicles. If the updating period expired, you can still use all functions of this Autel automotive scanner.

Compatible with MV105/MV108/BT506

Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO car diagnostic scanner for all cars pairs with videoscope Autel MaxiVideo MV105/108 (sold separately) to extend the diagnostic capacity to check narrow crevices, hard-to-reach corners, and dark areas of automotive engine, etc.

WiFi Printing

New ver. Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO diagnostic scan tool can connect to the WiFi for quicker report printing. Reducing tedious steps and saving more time. You no longer need to find out & connect the PC to the printer.

Autel Elite II PRO


Operating SystemAndroid 10.0

Processor Octa-core   Processor:

4x 2.2 GHz(A73)

4x 1.8 GHz(A53)

Memory 4GB RAM & 128GB   On-board Memory

Display 9.7 inch LED capacitive   touch screen with 1536*2048 resolution

Connectivity Wi-Fi (802.11   a/b/g/n/ac)

BT V5.0 + BR/EDR


USB 2.0:(2 USB HOST Type A, 1 USB mini device)

HDMI 2.0

SD Card 

Camera (rear) Rear:  16 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight

Power and Battery 11000 mAh 3.7 V   lithium-polymer battery

Charging via 12 V AC/DC power supply with the temperature between 0°C and   45°C

Input Voltage 12V (9-24 V)

Operating Temp 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

Storage Temp-10 to 60 (14 to 140   °F)

Package List:

USB Ethernet Adapter (Optional)

Ethernet Serial Cable (Optional)AC/DC Adapter (12V)

AC/DC Adapter (12V)

BMW Ethernet Cable (Optional)

MaxiFlash Elite

Carrying Case

Lighter Fuse

Adapter for GM/Daewoo-12

Adapter for Fiat-3

Adapter for Benz-38

Adapter for Mitsubishi/Hyundai-12+16

Adapter for Honda-3

Cigarette Lighter

Adapter for VW/AUDI-2+2

Packing List

Docking Station

TS Screwdriver

Adapter for Benz-14 (Europe Only)

Adapter for Chrysler-16 (America Only)

User Manual

Quick Reference Guide

MaxiSys Elite II PRO

Autel MaxiSys Elite II PRO


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