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Autel AutoLink AL619 ABS/SRS OBD2 & CAN Automotive Scanner Code Reader Diagnostic Tools Engine All 10 Modes of Key

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The Autel AutoLink AL619s is a diagnostic tool with ABS/SRS system diagnostics, TFT color display, built-in speaker, and fault code indication designed to help determine the cause of a malfunction indicator or ABS/SRS warning light coming on.
Price: $ 97.76

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  • AutoLink AL619

  • Autel

  • AT85

Autel AutoLink AL619 ABS/SRS OBD2 & CAN Auto Automotive Scanner Code Reader Diagnostic Tools Engine All 10 Modes of Key

The AutoLink AL619 scan tool is built to help you determine why the Check Engine Light, ABS, or SRS warning lights are on for over 50 different vehicle manufacturers. A very powerful tool for body and specialty shops that need quick testing for SRS and ABS, the AutoLink AL619 is a must for any technician.
This handheld scan tool is ideal for detecting faults on anti-lock brakes ABS, supplemental restraint systems and airbag systems SRS, and performing OBDII diagnostics. It turns off check engine lights and ABS/SRS warning lights, clears codes, and resets monitors. It also reads, stores, and plays back live PCM data stream and live sensor data.


Why buy Autel AutoLink AL619

  • We are authorized seller of Autel. We promise 100% genuine and original!!if not We double compensation!!

  • Multi-Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Russian, Italian,Japanese. you can choose it when place order , if  it not list ,please select other then leave a message!


Autolink AL619 Features:

ABS/SRS Diagnostic Functions: The ABS/SRS diagnostic function is used to retrieve and clear codes from the vehicle's ABS/SRS systems. It also provides the definition of each code to help diagnose problem areas within the systems that may cause the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to turn on.Diagnoses ABS/ SRS system codes on most 1996 and newer major vehicle models.
OBD II Diagnostics Function: The OBD II Diagnostics function is a fast-access option that allows you to carry out a quick test on the engine system of OBD II vehicles.Read Codes,Erase Codes,Live Data,Freeze Frame,Retrieving I/M Readiness Status,O2 Monitor Test,On-Board Monitor Test,Component Test,Viewing Vehicle Information,Modules Present,DTC Lookup.
Easy To Perform AbsSrs: Please follow these steps to finish ABS/SRS system diagnostic testing procedure:1. Turn the ignition on but do not start the engine.2. Turn on the scan tool and wait for the Main Screen to appear.3. Select AbsSrs icon in the Main Screen.4. Select a specific vehicle manufacture's regional coverage.From the vehicle make screen, select a specific vehicle manufacture and press OK button.
Wide Vehicle Coverage: Supports more than 80 US, Asian and European vehicles,,, including Acura, Audi, Bentley, Benz, BMW, Bugatti, Chrysler, Ford, EU Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Maybach, Mazda, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Op-el, Porsche, Saab, Scion, Seat, Sko-da, Smart, Sprinter, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volvo, Volkswagen, Renault, Peu-geot, Lancia, Fiat, Dacia, Citroen, Alfa, Abarth.
About Software Update: Free lifetime software updates is available for AL619.Download the newest software anytime. NOTE: Only contact us can you get support. Don't need contact Autel US support, warranty provided by seller. Before purchasing, please provide VIN to confirm compatibility.


ABS/SRS(Airbag) Vehicle Coverage:

American Car: for Chrysler , for Ford, for GM
European Car: for AUDI , for BENZ , for BMW , for Bentley , for BU-GATTI , for EU Ford, , for Jaguar, for LAND-ROVER , for MINI, for Maybach, for OPEL, for PORSCHE, for SAAB , for SEAT, For Skoda, for SMART, For Sprinter, for VW, for Vauxhall, for Volvo
Japanese/Korean Car: for Acura , for HONDA ,for HYUNDAI , for IS-UZU,for Infiniti ,for Kia, for LEXUS, for MAZDA , for MITSUBISHI, for NISSAN,for SCION,for SUBARU, for SUZUKI , for TOYOTA


Full OBD2 Function Diagnnosis

Reading Codes / Erasing Codes & Reset / Data Stream / I/M Readiness Status / Read Live Data Stream / View Freeze Frame Data / O2 Sensor Test / On-Board Monitor Test / Read Vehicle Information / Component Test / Free Update Online


Full ODB2 Funciton for OBD2 protocols cars :

1.SAE J1850 PWM(41.6Kbaud)
2.SAE J1850 VPW(10.4Kbaud)
3.ISO9141-2(5 baud init,10.4Kbaud)
4.ISO14230-4 KWP(5 baud init,10.4 Kbaud)
5.ISO14230-4 KWP(fast init,10.4 Kbaud)
6.ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,500 Kbaud)
7.ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,500 Kbaud)
8.ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,250 Kbaud)
9.ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,250 Kbaud
(Note: CR3001 only Support 12V Gasoline& Diesel, Does not support 24V Truck )

American Car : from 2000 - now
for Chrysler , for Ford, for GM, For Jeep , for lincoln ,for Buick ,for Cadillac ,for Chevrolet , for Dodge , for HM...
European Car : from 2003 - now
for BENZ ,for SMART , for SPRINTER , for BMW ,for VW ,for SKODA ,for AUDI ,for OPEL, for Lamborghini , for POR-SCHE, for Maybach,for Euro Ford , for LAND-ROVER , for Jaguar , for ASTONMARTIN ,for Bentley , for Rolls-Royce , for ROVER , for MINI , for VAUXHALL ,for DR , for FERRARI ,for FIAT ,for Abarth ,for LANCIA ,for Alfa Romeo , for Maserati ,for BUGATTI ,for PEUGEOT ,for CITROEN ,for REN-AULT , for SAAB , for VO-LVO , for OPEL,for GM,for GMSA , for Dacia , for SEAT..
Japanese/Korean Car: from 2006 - now
for HONDA ,for Acura ,for TOYOTA ,for SCION ,for LEX-US ,for MAZDA , for NISSAN ,for Infiniti , for JPISUZU,ISUZU , for TLISUZU for DAIHATSU , for SUZUKI , for MITSUBISHI ,for SUBA-RU , for SAMSUNG , for DAEWOO ,for SSANGYONG , for HYUNDAI , for KIA...
Chinese Car:from 2009 to now
Russian Car: from 2012 to now
for GAZ, for VAZ ,for LADA, for IZH, for PAZ,for SeAZ ,for UAZ, for ZAZ...

Main Features:

Read and clear codes on all post 1996 domestic, European and Asian vehicles.
Retrieve and clear codes in Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).
Retrieve and clear codes in Supplemental Restraint System (SRS).
Turns off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL).
Displays monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions).
Reads, stores, and playback live PCM data stream.
Views freeze frame data.
Retrieves vehicle information (VIN,CIN and CVN).
Multilingual menu.
TF memory card for data backup and software update.
Retrieves generic (P0, U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P2, P3, and U1) and pending codes,vehicle information (VIN, CIN, and CVN) and DTC lookup

Package including:

1pc x Auto Link® AL619
1pc x User manual
1pc x CD
1pc x USB cable
1pc x OBDII Cable
1pc x Protective Nylon Case
1pc x TF card


Delivery Time:



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