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Autel 16pin adapter for Chrysler Car Diagnostic Tool for Autel Maxisys Elite mk808 mk908 mp808 and Autel Maxisys pro ms908p

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Autel 16Pin Adapter is used for Chrysler 16 Pin for Diagnostic Tool ,Maxisys pro MS908p ,MS906BT ,DS808K,MK908 Connector for MK908P.
Price: $ 29.9

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  • 16Pin Adapter For Chrysler

  • Autel

  • AT99

Autel 16pin adapter for Chrysler Car Diagnostic Tool for Autel Maxisys pro ms908p and Autel Maxisys Elite mk808 mk908 mp808

Autel 16in adapter for Chrysler for Diagnostic Tool Maxisys pro MS908p ,MS906BT ,DS808K,MK908 Connector for MaxiSys MK908P

Packing list :

1 x 16pin adapter for Chrysler

Autel 16in adapter-1

Autel 16in adapter-2

Delivery Time:



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